Earn $$ by integrating our service

Dear software vendors,

I can understand that it is not easy these days to sell more copies of your softwares and earn more cashes. Here, we offer you a new opportunity on earning more without much extra work.

For your customers, if they need manual captcha inputing,your software will not be fullly automated for them and they will just give up using your software and move to others. Then, you upgrade your software to support captcha decoding service, like ours. You see, you bring profit opportunites to captcha decoding service like ours, it is not fair if you can not get any extra revenue from this. We do think you are right, and it is the origination of why we offer such a profit sharing program.

With our profit sharing program, you implement our service into your software and place link of our website on your software or your website. For the customers who start using our service from your software, you will get part of the profits we made from them.

Technically, customers will buy captcha decoding credits from us and the price is around 0.7cents for each correctly decoded captcha . They will get a KEY after they buy our service. They fill the key to your software and submit captcha images to our server for decoding. You will need to integrate a vendor_key into your software so we can distinguish you from other software vendors. For the captchas submitted from your software, you will get 20% of what they worth as your shared profit. For example, if 10K captchas submitted from your software, because such credits cost around 70$, we will send you 14$ as your profit sharing.

To integrate our service, you please kindly check the api doc page for details. To get a vendor key, you please kindly contact us via the contact page and be sure to tell us what software you are going to make.

Hope we can work together to bring both us more profits.


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Software vendors, we offer a new opportunity for you to earn more by integrating our service into your softwares.